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Risk Management & Consulting

Risk Management Audit

Receive a complete overview of the following:

  • Existing policies
  • Promotional materials
  • Liability waiver
  • Medical form
  • Trip objectives
  • Contingency plans
  • Safety equipment
  • And more. . .

A written report which summarizes recommendations and suggests methods of implementation is also included.

Staff Training Options

Prior to the Staff Training Session the following will be reviewed:

  • Staff policies
  • Procedures
  • Trip objectives
  • Contingency planning

This dynamic 8 hour educational seminar is the perfect match for a pre-season staff training program. Staff members will practice problem solving and decision making through numerous realistic simulations. Simulations are tailored to your program needs and trip logistics. Each simulation is followed by extensive debriefing. And, as with all of our programs, we teach using accelerated learning technology to accommodate the learning styles of all our students.

More Staff Training Options. . .

Accident Handling: Mastering Realistic Field Conditions 
Zoom in on specific field conditions and enhance your staff's abilities with 8 hours of patient evacuation and rescue skills practice.

Practice in environments with:

  • Slippery footing
  • Scree slopes
  • Creek crossings
  • Bush whacking

Practice using:

  • The equipment that's on-hand
  • Safety equipment
  • Communication devices
  • A greater knowledge of staff to client ratios
Overnight Field Trip

Expand on 'Accident Handling: Mastering Realistic Field Conditions' with the chance to do night simulations.

Field Trip with Annual Skill Upgrade Included

Expand on the learning achieve in 'Accident Handling: Mastering Realistic Field Conditions' and 'Overnight Field Trip' with an additional day in the classroom. Students upgrade their skills at the same time!

Annual Skill Boosting Seminar

Choose this customized 2 day seminar for staff that's trained with us in the past. They boost their skills in a way that's specific to the business you're in!        (604) 263-1432        1-800-298-9919        P.O Box 95050 Vancouver, B.C. Canada V6P 6V5