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Biography - Anna Christensen

"I have invested a tremendous amount of time and money in my own personal development and found most courses lack in practical application. I am 100% committed that our courses immediately help you get better results with much less effort and tons more fun."

As a passionate life-long learner, Anna's commitment to excellence in communication comes from 30 years of teaching, including training trainers. As Curriculum Director for the prestigious school, Wilderness Alert, Anna is committed to excellence in back-country safety education. Knowing that people need to be able to use these skills under stressful circumstances when people's lives may be at stake, Anna continues to study cutting edge educational principles.

Anna's pursuit of extreme adventures in remote environments taught her the importance of leadership and team work. As a climber, skier and white water kayaker, she often has to make quick decisions where there is little to no margin for error: the consequence of a misunderstanding may even result in death. These circumstances either bring out the best or worst in people. Not only has Anna learned to bring out the best in herself and others under stressful circumstances, she also discovered how to consistently do so in day to day living; and, now knows it is one of the secrets to successful living.

As Anna faced life and death situations, she developed a clear sense of purpose and a zest for living her life to the fullest. When rescuing others who thought they were facing death, she realized only a few people live their lives according to the priorities that really matter on their deathbed.

Anna has now transformed her adventure and leadership skills into simple tools that apply to everyday life. She continues to enjoy living her life as an adventure with passion, purpose and discipline while creating amazing results in both her business and personal life. Her passion for life comes from helping bring out the best in herself and others. As a motivational speaker, trainer and consultant, Anna truly knows how to help people transform their lives.        (604) 263-1432        1-800-298-9919        P.O Box 95050 Vancouver, B.C. Canada V6P 6V5