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Wilderness Alert | Choosing the Right Course

Download a comprehensive guide to all training offered by Wilderness Alert!

If you are new to Wilderness First Aid training or are unsure on what training would best suit your needs, we encourage you to read through our Who We Are guide. If you have any questions that our not answered by the guide, please contact our office; we'd be happy to help!

Download the Who We Are guide - 5mb (Adobe Acrobat™ Required).

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Breakdown of Investment Costs:

* All Prices Include GST


Duration Regular Combo Early Bird


5 Day $ 495    

Advanced Back-Country Upgrade

5 Day $ 395    

Advanced Medicine

5 Day $ 395    

Explorer + Advanced Back-Country

80 Hour $ 995 $ 795  

Explorer + Advanced Back-Country + Advanced Medicine

15 Day $ 1285 $ 995  

Professional Challenge

7 Day $ 695    

Explorer Re-Certification

2 Day $ 275   $ 220

Advanced Back-Country Re-Certification

4 Day $ 450   $ 395

Advanced Medicine Re-Certification

1 Day $ 95   $ 95

Explorer Skill Booster

2 Day $ 250   $ 195

Advanced Back-Country Skill Booster

2 Day $ 250   $ 195

Advanced Medicine Skill Booster

1 Day $ 95   $ 95

Advanced BackCountry and Medicine Skill Booster

3 Days $290   $290

Advanced BackCountry and Medicine Re-Cert

5 Days $490   $490

Field Suturing

4 Hrs $ 125   $ 95

Emergency Communication

4 Hrs $ 95   $ 49

CPR Level A Re-Certification

1 Day $ 125   $ 95

CPR Level C Re-Certification

1 Day $ 125  

$ 95

AED Level 2 - Self-Study 2 Hrs $ 30   $ 30
AED Level 3 - Includes Level 2 + Consulting Process 3 Hrs $ 95   $ 95


Course Descriptions - No Previous First Aid Training Required!


8 hour Life Saver First Aid - 8 am to 6 pm ~ $95

You never know when it's your turn to be the HERO …  Are you ready to step up?

Do you know what to do to keep someone alive while waiting for help?

• What you DO or DON'T do in the FIRST 10 minutes may make the difference between life and death!

• Learn the 3 most critical actions that make the BIGGEST difference

1. How to recall important principles under stress:

• Emergencies can be STRESSFUL - Most people completely forget what they learn in a first aid course!

Learn practical ways to make it EASY to recall what's important, even under stress

2. Life-Saving interventions including CPR and use of public access Automatic External Defibrillators (AED)

• CPR, choking and public access Automatic External Defibrillators (AED)

• Controlling bleeding, including nosebleeds

3. How to ensure the patient gets the most appropriate medical attention in a timely manner:

Is calling '911' REALLY going to get you the help you think you need?

• YES - As long as you have a KNOWN street address!

• Ambulance response can be quick - But, NOT knowing exactly how system works leads to DELAYS!

• Discover 3 easy ways to save 10 to 30+ critical minutes

Who do you call when you are NOT at a KNOWN location or NOT road accessible?

'911' is primarily for ROAD accessible emergencies requiring fire, police and ambulance intervention

• What agency provides the best 'Help' for your emergency?

Best 'HELP' might be Air Ambulance, Coast Guard, Search and Rescue, and other government services

• 3 Common problems encountered and how to prevent them

16 hour DELUXE Life Saver First Aid - 8 am to 6 pm ~ $195

Includes 8 hour Life Saver First Aid - PLUS, you will learn …

A simple step by step prioritized approach to handling ANY emergency

• Decision making strategies for dealing with competing priorities

• How to QUICKLY recognize serious, but not obvious injuries that are often missed

• What to do to prevent injury aggravation while waiting for trained help to arrive

• How to handle common Injuries such as burns, where initial actions make a HUGE difference

Legal implications of first aid, related to work, home and play as well as how to reduce liability

• What to do BEFORE encountering an emergency - to make it much LESS stressful for yourself and others

 - 3 Small things, that when implemented make the BIGGEST difference


24 hour Wilderness Emergency Response - Getting Out of Trouble, QUICKLY! - 8 am to 6 pm ~ $395

Includes 16 hour DELUXE Life Saver First Aid PLUS  … 

• How to use a team approach to emergency response that saves critical delegation time during an emergency

• Getting the right 'HELP', especially when limited government resources are available:

 - Dispatchers often hear stressed people claim their call is truly URGENT …

 - What key words allow you to demonstrate that you truly are dealing with a critical incident

Negotiating air evacuations using a combination of government, commercial and private resources

 - What is needed from you during initial call, site preparation and while aircraft is landing

 - 3 Critical tests to expect to demonstrate competency to emergency personnel - And what to do to PASS…

• Initial contact

• First visual impression

• First in person connection

• Rapid patient transportation preparation for critically injured or ill patient:

 - Application of StifNeck and improvised neck brace, including proper spine alignment

 - Rolls, slides and lifts to move patient onto stretcher or back-board

 - Securing and transporting patient on a back-board, including patient position considerations:

• Face-up or supine

• Side or lateral

• Drainage position

 - Oxygen administration

• Improvised patient evacuation techniques: Stretchers and back-carries

• Ongoing monitoring of a critical patient; and, how to communicate changes to emergency personnel


40 hour (5 Day) EXPLORER Wilderness First Aid - Becoming Self-Reliant! - 8 am to 6:00 pm ~ $495

Includes 24 hour Wilderness Emergency Response - PLUS you will learn …

To be self reliant in managing common back-country emergencies with emphasis on:

• How to prevent, recognize and treat common injuries such as …

• Sprains

• Dislocations

• Fractures

•  While arranging appropriate medical attention, how to stabilize serious injuries such as …

• Head and spine injuries

• Chest, abdominal and pelvic injuries


80 hour Advanced Back-Country First Aid - Professional Rescuer - 8 am to 6 pm ~ $795

Includes 40 hour Explorer First Aid - PLUS you will learn …

• Advanced skills such as …

- Leg traction

- Eye injury: Recognition and treatment 

- Overuse injury: Tendonitis and bursitis

• Advanced decision making involving competing priorities, resolving conflict and negotiating differences

• How to prevent, recognize and treat common:

 - Medical conditions:

• Allergic reactions

• Heart conditions

• Stroke

 - Environmental injuries and illness:

• Drowning

• Hypothermia

• Frostbite

• Heat ailments

• Dehydration



The Following Programs REQUIRE Previous First Aid Training!

40 hour Advanced Medicine - Beyond Trauma … Making EDUCATED Judgement Calls - 8 am to 6 pm ~ $395

Pre-Requisite: Ideally 80 hour Advanced Back-Country First Aid - PLUS you will learn …

• Prescription and non-prescription drugs - Benefits and concerns

• 'Non-Trauma' illness assessment and care

 - Flu, colds, fever and chills

 - Gastro intestinal problems: Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, etc

 - Urinary tract infection and gynecological conditions

 - Organ inflammation, rupture and peritonitis

• Previous medical history and medications - Impact on current signs and symptoms

• Medical conditions, in addition to those included in Advanced Back-Country First Aid …

 - Seizure Disorder

 - Asthma

 - Metabolic Disorders: Diabetes and Chronic Hypoglycemia - Injection practical

• Poisons:

 - Injected: Snakebite, ticks, etc                                             

 - Inhaled: Carbon monoxide

 - Absorbed: Poison ivy or oak, contact dermatitis            

 - Ingested: Food, drugs or chemicals

• Wound assessment and care:

 - When and how to promote scabbing vs drainage

 - Optimizing wound dressing choices on longer trips:

• To promote speedy healing

• To reduce dressing changes

 - Specific wound care:

• Jagged wound debridement 

Gaping wound closure

• Puncture wound drainage and wicking

• Bruising: Superficial, deep muscle and/or bone implications

• Wound complications:

• Local and systemic infections, including cellulitis

• Exposed tendon, bone or ligament 

• Concealed debris


CPR Level 'A' or 'C' Renewal - 8 am to 4 pm ~ $125

Renew previous level ‘A’ or level ‘C’ CPR certification

Includes AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) use, latest field protocols for when to stop, etc

2 Day Basic or Advanced Wilderness First Aid Refresher - 8 am to 6 pm ~ $295

Extend ANY 40 or 80 hour First Aid certificate by 1 year through a 2 day Skill Booster

Includes 4+ hour pre-study module and CPR renewal

• With 40 hour previous First Aid, earn a Basic Wilderness First Aid certificate with 1 year duration

• With 80 hour previous First Aid, earn an Advanced Wilderness First Aid certificate with 1 year duration

On completion of this training, annual renewal available for only $195 per year

Note: Based on skills proficiency, arrange transfer to 3 year Explorer or Advanced Back-Country First Aid


7 Day Professional Challenge - 8 am to 6 pm ~ $695


Transfer from ANY 80 hour First Aid to Wilderness Alert's Advanced Back-Country through this 7 day module

The Following Programs REQUIRE Previous "WILDERNESS ALERT" First Aid Training!


1 Day ANNUAL Advanced Medicine Skill Booster 9am to 6pm ~ $95

1 Day Advanced Medicine Re-Certification within 1 day Medicine Skill Booster - 9 am to 6 pm at no extra charge!

Prerequisite: CURRENT Advanced Medicine certification

Discover latest trends and updates to best practices related to Advanced Medicine - PLUS

Enhance skills, deepen understanding, broaden scope and build confidence making complex decisions

2 Day ANNUAL First Aid Skill Booster - Includes CPR refresher ~ $195

Prerequisite: Any CURRENT Wilderness Alert First Aid certificate

• Explorer First Aid: 9 am to 5 pm ~

• Advanced Back-Country: 9 am to 6 pm ~

 - Discover latest trends and updates to best practices in back-country emergency care - PLUS

 - Enhance skills, deepen understanding, broaden scope and build confidence making complex decisions

Re-Certification - Wilderness Alert ALUMNI

Prerequisite: CURRENT Wilderness Alert First Aid certificate

• 2 day Explorer First Aid Recertification occurs within 2 day Skill Booster - 9 am to 5 pm$220

• 4 day Advanced Back-Country First Aid Recertification:

- 2 day Booster + 2 drill days: 9 am to 6 pm ~ $395

- Note: 4 days are required for Full 3 Year Certificate

NEW: 2 day Advanced Back-Country First Aid ANNUAL Certificate is now available:

- Demonstrate proficiency in 2 day Advanced Back-Country Booster and qualify for 1 year certificate expiry, for additional $25


40 hour Advanced Back-Country First Aid UPGRADE - 8 am to 6 pm ~ $395
After completing the 40 hour Explorer Wilderness First Aid course, you may upgrade to the 80 hour Advanced Back-Country First Aid by attending this 40 hour module.
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